Summer on Stage Registration

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summer on stage flyer.jpg

Summer on Stage Registration

from 100.00

Please read the Parent Handbook (opens window) before clicking the ‘Start Registration’ button below. You will be required to fill out a form when starting the registration. Registration cost: $200 - partial payments of $100 accepted but balance must be paid by May 1st.

Total To Be Paid:
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 Any balance due must accompany this form. We plan this workshop based on enrollment; therefore, there are NO REFUNDS. If a child becomes too ill to participate in camp, certified by the child’s physician, then ½ of the unused tuition will be refunded. There is no refund for missed days.


The theater and workshop staff is not responsible for lost or damaged clothing or personal belongings. Please do not bring valuables to the theater. All classes begin and end on time. The theater cannot supervise students, and will not be held responsible for students after workshop hours. Please be punctual in arranging for the pick-up of your child.


 Harlingen South Summer on Stage reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct or influence is detrimental to the class. If a child is dismissed for disruption of workshop learning activities, there will be no refund. The directors will always consult the parents before dismissing a child.

1stoffense notice:       verbal warning; PARENTS NOTIFIED 
2ndoffense notice:
      time out during rehearsal; amount of time will be determined by severity of offense; PARENTS NOTIFIED
3rdoffense notice:       removal from workshop for the remainder of the day; PARENTS WILL  BE NOTIFIED TO PICK UP CHILD IMMEDIATELY
4th offense notice:     PERMANENT REMOVAL from the workshop