HPAC Frequently Asked Questions:

 What do I need for my Musical Theater Audition?

·      8”x10” Headshot in color

·      Artist Resume on the back

·      Arrive in Business Attire

·      Slate your name and what you are presenting

·      16 bars up-tempo

·      16 bars ballad (if asked to return for callbacks)

·      1 minute comedic monologue

·      1 minute dramatic monologue (if asked to return for callbacks)

·      Change attire for movement – You will learn choreography at the audition

·      Dance Sneaker/Jazz Shoe


Can I sing a song or present a monologue from the actual show?

No, please prepare a song/monologue which showcases you as an artist close to the character you wish to portray in our upcoming production.

How will I know if I am accepted into the musical?  

·      Frozen– Posting at Lee Means Info/Check-In Board                 

·      In the Heights– Posting at Harlingen Performing Arts Conservatory website at www.hcisdpa.org on this page.

 Is there any cost to be a part of the musical?  

Any shoes required for the show are the responsibility of the performer. 

Show basics are required for all musicals.                                                                                                             (More information about this will be given, if casted in the production.)

Will my child have the opportunity to audition for the Fall and Spring Musical if they are not a part of the conservatory? 

Yes, we will be offering a 6thperiod class that meets Monday-Thursday from 5:30pm-7:00pm for all students who want to be a part of the HCISD Musicals. 

Where do I apply?

All information and applications will be on our website hcisdpa.org.  You will be able to find all information for auditions, and applications on this site.