HCISD High School All-City Full Orchestra

Clinic/Concert: December 11, 2018                                                    Time: 9:00am-4:00pm                                                                          Concert: 6:00pm  


Tryout Procedures:

Selection of the All-City Full Orchestra will be based on the results of the current year TMEA Region Orchestra results.  (Instrumentation will/may vary depending on number of entries)         

Tryout Materials:

The All-City tryout music is the same material used for current year TMEA Region Orchestra Auditions.


Only eligible 9-12 grade students attending HCISD high schools or private/home schools in the HCISD school zone are eligible for All-City. (Private/Home school students must declare interest by email to HCISD Director of Music Programs no later than 3 weeks prior to All-City Event).


Students earning a chair in the All-City Full Orchestra and participate in the clinic/concert earn a patch.

HCISD High School All-City Full Orchestra Instrumentation

The orchestra has a minimum total of 74 students. The instrumentation is as follows:

11 Violin I                               1 Piccolo                               3 Trumpet

11 Violin II                              2 Flute                                 4 French Horns

11 Viola                                   2 Oboe                                 2 Tenor Trombone

9 Cello                                    3 Bb Clarinet                       1 Bass Trombone

6 Bass                                     2 Bassoon                             1 Tuba

1 Harp (if needed)                 3 Percussion 

1 Piano (if needed)               

 *other instruments may be added if necessary for performance of selected repertoire0