HPAC Frequently Asked Questions:


·     Will my child be able to take any other electives?

o  It is possible, but will vary and be looked at on a case by case basis. 

·     How do I prepare for my audition? 

o  Please attend the audition workshop so you will have a clear idea of what we ar expecting from the auditions.  If you cannot attend, please go to hcisdpa.org. all audition information will be posted on that website.

·     How do I audition for the Technical Theatre track?  

o  There is no audition process for the Technical Theatre Track.  You will interview with the lighting and sound technicians.  We will only accept 10thgrade-12thgrade for this track.

·     Can I still be on my school’s dance team and be in the conservatory? 

o  Yes, we will be flexible and work with your directors and counselors to make sure everyone has the opportunity.

·     Will transportation be provided to the PAC?  

o  Yes, students that drive will be able to obtain an off campus pass.  Those that do not drive will need to take the transportation provided by the school.

·     If my child is accepted into the conservatory, will they still be able to be a top 10 student on their home campus?  

o  Yes, students are allowed to take all weighted classes in addition to the conservatory classes and maintain their GPA.

 ·     How are the conservatory classes different from the comprehensive high school classes?  

o  They are more rigorous and leveled.  Students in the conservatory will have access to guest and resident artist.

·     How will I know if I am accepted into the conservatory?  

o  You will receive a letter with a deadline to accept your spot.

·     Can I audition for more than one track?  

o  Yes, this will give you more opportunities to be accepted. 

·     How many students will be accepted into the conservatory?  

o  We do not have a set number.  It will depend on the number of students that audition and those that meet the criteria set forth by the instructors.

·     Is there a cost to be a part of the conservatory?  

o  No, the conservatory is free to all students who are accepted.

·     If my child is not accepted, will they still have an opportunity to take classes from the guest or resident artist? 

o  Yes, but it will be limited to a one-day master class with a fee.

·     Will my child have the opportunity to audition for the Fall and Spring Musical? 

o  Yes, we will be offering a 6thperiod class that meets Monday-Thursday from 5:30pm-7:00pm for all students who want to be a part of the HCISD Musicals. 

·     Will my child be able to audition for their High School’s Varsity One-Act play?Or is this just for conservatory students? 

o  Yes, all UIL sanctioned activities will be made available to all students who attend their comprehensive high schools. 

·     Where do I apply?

o  All information and applications will be on our website hcisdpa.org.  The application link goes live May 21st.  You will be able to find all information for each track, auditions, and applications on this site.